Child Protective Services Law

Don't fight child protective services alone - I can help.  Whether your children have been removed or you need help getting custody of a child in foster care, I can help you fight for your family.

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Taking custody of a child is not an easy decision, however, if you feel your grandchild, niece or nephew, or other minor relative is in danger of being abused or neglected, it may be the only choice.  I can help you step in and protect your loved one.

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Change of Custody or Visitation

If circumstances have changed for your family and you feel it's necessary to fight to change custody or visitation rights, I can help you navigate the legal system to protect your child whether your need is for a change of custody, more visitation, to enforce visitation rights, or to limit or stop the visitation of a parent because of concerns of abuse or neglect.

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Family Law in Arkansas is Complex

No other area of law is as emotionally charged or difficult to experience.  You need a trial lawyer with experience on your side.

Understanding the ins and outs of child welfare law in Arkansas can be complicated.  I provide a free comprehensive initial consultation where I will review any documents and information you have and fully explain your options as well as provide you with an assessment of your case and discuss possible outcomes with you.

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